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2. Hair bands

girl stuffs~collecting hair bands is a must~maybe~


p ylh, ng dah brg keperluan^^v

spontaneously aku meli 2 items agk tek

dahla mahal! bankrupt aku....

Your birthday's a time for careful reflection
About your life, and its future direction.
You see where you've been when you look at the past;
Most of it's great; you had quite a blast!
You wonder what's coming, what life has in store;
Will it be just the same? Will there be a new door?
Remember this, as you blow out the last candle:
Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle.

Happy Advance Birthday!!

ideal present: Docomo N-03A...TT
**wuah x malu**

dowh..brapa lamak aku idup d Kuching tok pn maseh ada jwak tempat yg aku x penah pegi

mun x sbb ngambik kwn aku kat Warf express alu xtauk langsong la aku ngn tempat ya

palit tanah ke daie lok*splat*

***weird pose***

***Bahagia #8 XDXDXD***


terharu jak rasa aku denga takbir mlm raya tok

plus aku dpt tamat posa taun tok! yay!

posa taun tok rasa sekejap jak n hopefully

panjang umo, temu agk ngan posa taun depan^^v


jemputlah atang mah aku lak!


bukan sebab raya jak pun

part depan rmbt aku yg penah d highlight aku knk d ato blt kaler nya

so, here's the result^^v

still...brighter but yea..its cool^^v

***man, look at those eye bag...lack of sleep***

*no budget*
~hueeee~~~~and i need a tutor!

but i'm planning to buy harmonica so, guitar ya boleh kelak2 lah^^

1. Dyeing my hair
2. Bell balit Khamis tok oy
3. Xda assignment! haha
4. Ahad tok raya
5. Aku rasa aku tamat posa la taun tok. Insyaallah
6. Kuat makan lately
7. Keta lom cuci
8. Ah Chai merik hamper raya!
9. Kasut br dah beli...p xda nemu wedges! hueee
10. Nunggu umum raya.





recently i've been watching the 3rd season of Hell Girl,
Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae

the plot increasingly attractive compared with the first(Jigoku Shoujo) and second season (Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori)

even the theme songs are getting more trus^^v


1st season - Jigoku Shoujo (地獄 少女)
The story follows a journalist named Shibata Hajime, a former blackmailer, and his daughter Tsugumi who shares a strange connection with the Hell Girl as they investigate the truth behind the Hell Girl.

2nd Season - Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
A mysterious young girl from Hell, named Kikuri who is able to travel freely between Earth and the Twilight realm where Ai resides, is introduced. Later, the plot centers around Takuma Kurebayashi, a boy who is blamed by his townsfolk for causing disappearances around the town that are in reality caused by the townsfolk using the Hell Correspondence.

3rd Season - Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae
Some time after Ai's death, Kikuri returns to recruit Ai's assistants along with a yokai named Yamawaro, who accepts an old offer from Ai to become her fourth assistant. The story follows Ai's mysterious revival from death and subsequent inhabitation of the body of a young schoolgirl, Yuzuki Mikage.

Jigoku Shoujo (JDorama)

The best Enma Ai (Hell Girl) Cosplayer
-many agree that if she's eligible to take the role of Enma Ai for real action drama. but i guess a cosplayer will remain cosplayer then...TT hueee..

just wanna share with u guys one of my fav stuff

1.Elianto Quick Color for Hair

bought it last year

aku ng suka glak2 ngn benda tok

bla d apply nya x la kdk hair gel lain yg bau pelik2 la

elianto pn seriously wangi

tp aku jarang pakey sbb syg mun cepat glak abis


(available in 4 colours, blue, green, red & gold)

more to come...^^v

??nite out??

not much to say

aku just lepak2 ngn kwn aku Eym, Nonoi n Misah

sungkei kat McD


org spon aku no prob:mKenyang:

tp memandangkan mek 4 org jak kuar

xbyk benda dpt d polah

boring jwak asa dak lain x ekot

dahla masing2 ada problem time tok

quite stressful nite actually la

ssh jwak nk mdh TT

but we cheered up in a way

mls nk d gago glak ngn mslh mek org^^v

One day I sat thinking, almost in despair;
a hand fell on my shoulder and a voice said reassuringly;
'Cheer up, things could be worse'
So I cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse

hair colour

time to think of my new hair colour^^/

***review nk previous lok***

1st aku bleach rmbt aku awal taun tok tek

kakya aku highlight blue

recently rambut aku jd mcm tok dah, lmk x ato...cuma potong rmbt jak sempat TT:mHihi:

and now am thingking of dyeing my hair brown..hurmm..ok kah? xla terang glak, tang brunnet mcm tok..hurmmm:mThinking::mKanta:

quiz for Business Tech...!tomorrow!

so....thats it^^

**x phm eyh!! TT**:mStudy:

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