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worn out

really, i can tell u by the i? haha

anyway guys, classmates n ex classmate, please follow up blog tok!
let's keep in touch^^

rindu ngn tak org suma eyh^^


I've been really busy, so my update was a little late

as planned, aku kuar ngn Max n Bell nk ngga Harry Potter

okay, cam ktk org tauk, view Kuching kt Star cineplex ng kck
lekak ngga movie jak aku mesti pegi smoking area ngga view


kak ngga Harry Potter ptg tek aku ng ngantok glak2 cuz x cukup tdoTT

then we had dinner at Raja Ayam Penyet with Yaya n Wayne
Yaya taught me passionately all about Korea, so that's interesting!
n ambik angin kat waterfront
haha..ambik angin ka?^^

***muka wayne x nampakXDXD***

it was a great evening, we're having so much fun together

now, i really worn out
i was dripping with sweat even at night
ng panas la time tok

so, that's it for now^^:mMandi:

can't sleep!

ughh..last nyte tdo kol 3, pg tok aku bgn pukol 7!!
x cukup 5 jam pn! jgn jak mata kdk panda..

aku mok kuar ritok, ngga harry potter^^

don't wanna miss a thing! so arap x tetido lam wyg jd la


keep walking...

so many things happened lately...

in the end, aku dpt tauk in life, there are no mistakes, just lessons
i get up, i fall down..but i just keep walking

how hard is that?

so, jgn la depress glak ngn apa yg blaku...

aku slalu jwak tunggang, be patient! hehe




here i go again
new blog, well actually the 3rd one
sorry guys, blog aku byk2 cuz knk polah category..haha
1st blog aku, entries byk k internet friends aku pn cta la
2nd one, kompom xpat tak org baca, written in japanese, lam website jpn..haha
and the 3rd one, THIS! trigger to create this blog is for the most important peoples around me
my classmates, bestfriends, family, sapa2 jak la..asal paham sarawakian lingo^^ ryte?
theme, turtles...hurmm...pop up randomly p xpa, cute

so, that's it!
will try my best to make this blog as interesting as ever
bookmark or follow me up
mun tak org ada blog, text me!

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