i heart FEMYB

June 23rd 2010, The Happiest Day for FEMYB siblings

we haven't had the opportunity to hang out together for ages

and so, yesterday was the biggest day for us all^^




i love u guys so much!!!!!

i just cant stop watching these 2 videos!!!

these 2 girls are amazing bassist n drummer!!!

wish i can be a better bassist in the future *sigh*

youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/hhhi64

youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/tkmdr

It is not a coincidence if many of us dont even know the real Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque

and everytime the Aqsa mosque is mentioned in the media, they'll display the image of Dome of The Rock (Al-Sakhrah mosque), which is located next to the real Aqsa mosque.

***Dome of The Rock/Al-Sakhrah mosque***

***the real Al-Aqsa mosque***

wondering why are they manipulated us this way???

that is because, when the the enemy are attacking the real Aqsa mosque, we will not know.

and do u ever wondering why they want to resurrect this holy mosque?

Before n during the kingdom of Prophet Sulaiman, the devils were teaching humans magic.
As Sulaiman came to know,He gathered all the books and their manuals from the people and the devils.
And He made the law for those whoever learns, practices or teaches magic, will be executed.
He took all the manuals and books and buried them all under his throne, which is beneath the Holy Al-Aqsa mosque.

now do you get the picture why the enemy major plan is to resurrect the Temple of Solomon and dig beneath the Holy Aqsa mosque? it is to retrieve all these books again, their so called 'Buried Treasure'.

and that is why it is hard for Palestine to know the real peace if our enemy, the jews, will stop at nothing to reach their goal.

finally its here!!!!!!

thank u so much to **** (this person asked me not to mention his name) for getting me a copy of Morning Musume Seishuun Collection!!!

straightly from Japan and it's the 1st copy of the single! yay!!!!^^

seriously im feeling so lucky since he got me the limited edition copy n it has been released in just few hours ago^^

i started my day with a very unhappy feeling actually

but it turns out to be the happiest day for me!!^^

and again!! thank u so much **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!^^



there are 2 words to get to the most efficient and effective way to control the world:

as we all know, we've been indirectly control by the mass media...the most.

and as for me, im trying to take my part as a muslim, to boycott any of israeli goods,

forgetting McD, Coca Cola, Pepsi, MAC cosmetic, Maybelline, Nokia, etc etc...

if i can pledge myself about this, so can u..

u can control where u spend ur money,

for example...Starbucks,

blatantly one of the biggest supporter of the Zionist!!

wake up people!! we are living in the Zionist world undoubtedly,



the first batch of entries for this month^^

many people say, so many things to do yet so little time,

but for me now, very few things to do, yet so many free time,

i'm just being lazy everyone,

maybe if i were born to be stray cat, i'll better than who i am now TT

so, again, sorry for not updating my blog for the exact one month....

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