Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque

It is not a coincidence if many of us dont even know the real Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque

and everytime the Aqsa mosque is mentioned in the media, they'll display the image of Dome of The Rock (Al-Sakhrah mosque), which is located next to the real Aqsa mosque.

***Dome of The Rock/Al-Sakhrah mosque***

***the real Al-Aqsa mosque***

wondering why are they manipulated us this way???

that is because, when the the enemy are attacking the real Aqsa mosque, we will not know.

and do u ever wondering why they want to resurrect this holy mosque?

Before n during the kingdom of Prophet Sulaiman, the devils were teaching humans magic.
As Sulaiman came to know,He gathered all the books and their manuals from the people and the devils.
And He made the law for those whoever learns, practices or teaches magic, will be executed.
He took all the manuals and books and buried them all under his throne, which is beneath the Holy Al-Aqsa mosque.

now do you get the picture why the enemy major plan is to resurrect the Temple of Solomon and dig beneath the Holy Aqsa mosque? it is to retrieve all these books again, their so called 'Buried Treasure'.

and that is why it is hard for Palestine to know the real peace if our enemy, the jews, will stop at nothing to reach their goal.


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