unlucky me-_-

wish i was born in love with sports TT

the weather is too nice!!!

tho it's rather too warm but..

don't u think its nice for people who loves outdoor activity??

today is either busy or pampering myself too much...

i dont know^^

but who cares anyway^^

and it's been a while, i haven't playing with my beloved whitey Sundae

he's an old hag now i guess...for a rabbit

since he's getting his 4th birthday this year

and not to forget!!!!

for the 3rd or 4th time, trying to pull myself together again...

this is my 2nd japanese blog, which! i am not yet writing in japanese so don't worry

since i am not anymore collaborating with my laptop, i can't do anything without it, even praticing my japanese writing

so, i hope u guys enjoy it^^

*copy this link*


mornin'!^^ ossu, ossu!

such a cold morning today ^^

i'm getting lazy in this such weather! -_-"

i'm losing my laptop!

well actually, i already did for the last one 1/2 month

there's no way that my laptop's getting fixed unless...
getting a new one TT

now that i am officially living my life without my own beloved laptop
the one that will keep my secrets
the one will shed my tears
shoulders to cry on
well, kinda...


ive been longing for my own electric bass...

i was thinking of buying the crappy one just for the bass lesson next week
but instead, my parents bought me Ibanez GIO Soundgear (GSR180) (black&red)


*speechless*overjoyed* I LUV U MUM!! DAD!!!!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

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