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I've been really busy, so my update was a little late

as planned, aku kuar ngn Max n Bell nk ngga Harry Potter

okay, cam ktk org tauk, view Kuching kt Star cineplex ng kck
lekak ngga movie jak aku mesti pegi smoking area ngga view


kak ngga Harry Potter ptg tek aku ng ngantok glak2 cuz x cukup tdoTT

then we had dinner at Raja Ayam Penyet with Yaya n Wayne
Yaya taught me passionately all about Korea, so that's interesting!
n ambik angin kat waterfront
haha..ambik angin ka?^^

***muka wayne x nampakXDXD***

it was a great evening, we're having so much fun together

now, i really worn out
i was dripping with sweat even at night
ng panas la time tok

so, that's it for now^^:mMandi:


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