***gonna miss ya Miracle-chanTT***

6th Dec 09 - Koharu Kusumi Graduation Day
(Morning Musume 7th Gen*MiracleAudition*)

finally, it is her time to make the first step in modelling TT

as for her current band, Morning Musume,
today will be celebrating the last day of their concert tour across Japan, which is also celebrating Koharu's graduation

her graduation will mark the end of the longest stable lineup of Morning Musume as the group had gone just over 2 years without any change in membership, the longest in its history

well i'm expecting tonight will be a concert full of tears

it so happen in their every Graduation Concert btw

Cheers for Koharu^^


***41st Single-Kimagure princess(Fickle Princess)***
***Koharu's last single together with Morning Musume***


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