damn! look at the date!

seems that i have been ignoring my blog for quite some time^^
and i owed u guys an apology...ehe..

anyway, aku nektok sedang menikmati cuti panjang aku lepas abis poly last 14th dec and aku maseh lom dpt carik kerja or kerja blom dpt crk aku...TT
but it seems that staying at home, playing with my PS2, laying on my bed, lepak sana, lepak sini, is never a bore for me, and i wonder why...
thats y aku rasa aku makin mls...tp bahaya jwk la mun dudok umah ja keja,
kin lamak mkn tido, mkn tdo alu kdk sumo pong aku lak...


  • dyed my hair extra black! seriously aku kdk gud girl la
  • im afraid that sleeping disorder have come quite common for me these days...
  • laptop aku sakit tenat and im using my dad's rite now
  • attended great fairy and pajamas party
  • i haven't had rice since new year
  • deleted my Tagged account with 4000+ acquaintance in it! too much sexual abused. sumpah aku rasa bekawan ngn org horny 24 jam ajak d sia kali.
  • pasu kaca aku pecah marek..*cibeng!*
so much things happened lately but i can't recall most of it...ya la akibatnya lmk x update blog nk? *sigh*

~~~*craving for cheesy baked rice*~~~

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