I have watch this movie twice.
2012 will be an apocalypse, is it true?
The iceberg melting at unprecedented rates, floods ravaging dry lands,
the Earth's crust tumbling and falling apart,
cities reduced to a rubble,
tsunamis lashing wildly on the land and the entire planet submerged in water.
The world will see its doom in three years time.
Don't u think it's a little too early?

Some people are planning to get married three years later, some preparing to make a fortune, some conceiving to take over the government by then, while some gearing up to host the Olympics that year...

If the world is to be reduced to ashes in three years time, then no one should come out with any more ideas or plan to do anything.

But why is it in 21.12.2012? Even my bestfriend Ejort is having her 23rd birthday on that time.

I spoke too soon? I may not believe it 100% but the movie has an explanation.

"According to the Mayan predictions, the Earth has a lifespan of five solar eras, and we are now in the fifth solar era! The fifth solar era began in Year 3113 in the Mayan calendar, and will end after the 5125-year Mayan cycle. The sun will then vanish, and our planet will experience earth-moving changes that will see it through its demise."

Article from SinChew

Coincidentally, the Tang Dynasty prediction in ancient China also foretold that the Earth would undergo a complete makeover, which could be interpreted as the end of the existing world, in the Year of Dragon (2012).

Call that coincidence or sheer superstition, but NASA satellite data have shown that the oceanic ice in the Arctic Circle this summer is only half its coverage four years back.

A NASA scientist has said, "At this speed, the Arctic Ocean will be totally depleted of ice at the end of 2012 summer."

As a matter of fact, we have a good deal of books and movies plotting around the 2012 Doomsday prediction; but in the past, we didn't see so many natural disasters as we do now, and such predictions and stories therefore hardly raised a brow in this world back then.

However, we have a fair share of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, sand storms and droughts in recent months, and this has triggered widespread alarm among people who are not typically bothered about environment preservation.

Be it three years, 30 years, or 300 years. If we keep consuming our Earth this way, we will send our planet to its end sooner or later.

I don't care whether you believe in 2012, but my personal prediction is that: 2012 is going to sell like nobody's business.

On second thought, I might think that Mayan's prediction are a piece of crap. Since I'm a Muslim, others may found it interested to read in Islamic view.^^

There are many references in Islamic literature to End Times events. Most of these are in the hadiths of Mohammed, which are the written-down sayings that his followers recorded of his conversations with them.

The below refer to a prediction Mohammed made of catastrophic times to come when the earth would cease to spin, followed by the sun rising in the west.

Gregg Braden and others have written about this possibility, describing the earth's molten layers of metal creating a magnetic field. This magnetic field, which is weakening anyway, could be disrupted and reversed by the sun's activity, including violent solar storms and coronal mass ejections.

A planetary object passing within our solar system could cause just such a disruption and even be a factor in the re-starting of our planet's spin, only in the opposite direction.

All rather speculative, but further clues not to be ignored in the search foe a viable prognosis regarding Planet X's effects.

From Wikipedia:
"In the text, Signs of Qiyamah, Muhammad Ali Ibn Zubair Ali states that after the arrival of the Enlightened One, Imam Mahdi, "the ground will cave in, fog or smoke will cover the skies for forty days (ayah). A night three nights long will follow the fog. After the night of three nights, the sun will rise in the west."

Regarding the cause of the smoke, another Hadith predicts a worldwide fire.

"People will be enfolded in that fire with terrible suffering. That fire will burn and destroy people and belongings. For eight days it will rage over the world like wind and cloud. The heat of night will be fiercer than that of day. That fire will stretch from the heads of man to the highest heavens, and there will be a terrible noise like thunder between the earth and sky, he (the Prophet) said. #247

The end of the world can be happen anytime, we never know when but most importantly, Allah never told us the date of apocalypse.^^v


  1. Mukami MSLM - 無神 MSLM said...
    No. Don't worry. In 2012 will change the mode of thinking for each human in this world. Remember the "ends of world" of 2000 and 2006 (06-06-06). Didn't happen any catastrophe.

    See you, Yume-chan
    Allah Bless You!!!
    Mukami MSLM - 無神 MSLM said...
    Sorry for my bad english. I'm mexican boy!!
    yume said...
    no worries mukami^^
    thanx for sharing ur thots^^

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