Last night, i finally got to sit down and watch part of Hello! Project's 2006 musical, Ribbon no Kishi. The series is nothing new, as it was actually a manga series created back in the 1960's by the Father of Manga, Tezuka Osamu. Yet, the musical is done in Takarazuka style, meaning the whole cast is solely women.

***Ai Takahashi as Prince/Princess Saphirre***

I had read the storyline and intrigued about it and of course the people who assigned to be the character which was my favorite Jpop Idol, Morning Musume. Ai Takahashi who has known as a big fan of Takarazuka herself, so it was a match made in heaven to give her the main role as Sapphire. Anyway, the musical storyline is a bit different than the actual anime/manga storyline, but they had to change it around a bit to fit the musical style and such.

Overall i was impressed with everyone as i knew for some of the Morning Musume member who i never thought of as having a nice voice at all, but the training they went through really paid off! Even if it wasn't the best sounding, it sounded more tolerable than usual.

Since i have watched both Cinderella Musical and Ribon no Kishi, i'll say that Ai Takahashi as my favorite as to think that she really into Takarazuka and it really helped and she seem so passionate about the whole part of the musical. Not to mention her very well known beautiful voice as in Morning Musume. Plus, I really love her cross-dressing as a Prince/Princess Saphirre. She makes a hot prince!!^^

***Risa Niigaki as Prince Charming***

While for Risa Niigaki which is also from Morning Musume, i seriously fall my head over heels when she took as a role of Prince Charming in Cinderella Musical. Plus, a splendid performance by the Takarazuka themselves.


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